OGDEN — Two Ogden Police officers shot and killed an alleged kidnapping suspect after the man opened fire on the officers Friday evening in downtown Ogden, according to Ogden Police Chief Randy Watt.

Around 6:10 p.m., a woman flagged down a police squad car near the 2500 block of Washington Boulevard and told the officer she was kidnapped earlier in the evening. She gave the officer a description of the man, whom Watt said was in the “nearby area.”

As more officers began to respond to the area, Watt said the suspect pulled out a pistol began shooting at a police vehicle when it moved closer to his position. A police car was hit “several” times, Watt said, but no officers were hit by bullets or injured from the gunshots.

Two officers returned fire, Watt said, killing the alleged suspect. Watt described the suspect as an “armed felon” who was caught in the act. Watt was unsure how many shots were fired between the two officers and the suspect.

Watt said police believe the deceased suspect is in his 30s, but did not provide the man’s name as of Friday night.

The two officers were put on paid administrative leave shortly after the shooting, per the police department’s protocol.

At least one of the officers was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting, Watt said.

Watt said the abduction happened outside the city before the suspect and victim drove to Ogden. The full details of the kidnapping are still under investigation, he said.

Although the shooting took place just off Washington Boulevard near the Ogden Christmas Village, Watt said police were fortunate that “almost nobody” was in the nearby area of the shooting.

Watt praised the actions of the two officers who shot and killed the suspect, saying the department is proud of the officers and what they did.

“They were unfortunate actions, but necessary actions,” Watt said.

He added that police are grateful that the victim was able to escape from the suspect and that she is now “safe and well.”

Washington Boulevard from 25th Street to 26th Street was closed to traffic as police investigated.

Friday’s fatal shooting is the second officer-involved shooting to occur in Ogden this month. On Nov. 9, two officers shot and killed 33-year-old Christopher William Parrish after he allegedly picked up a rock and “rapidly and violently attacked” the two officers.

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City editor Jessica Kokesh contributed to this report.

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It's not enough that i say a kidnapper deserves it but my friend who i knew & cared about did not.
it's not enough that i was there & you weren't, that i had to personally deal with each step of the process, not you.
that i know 100% what really happened and you just ignorantly harass the $h!t out of me for nearly an entire month!

you seriously just roll your worthless self over, fire up the SE and check for any new material to fire back at me with constantly as if your pointless, empty, wasted life consists of nothing more than hoping you get to drop yet another reply day after meaningless day.

You're scum.


"you know what jack said to tom"
i'm not sure whether this is an extremely pathetic attempt to quote to kill a mockingbird or if its just a really dumb saying of yours that gives your E.D. stricken member a feeling of delusional victory.

but i do imagine i know what your mom said to your dad upon giving birth, and continues to say to this day. "what a disappointment".

Glad my friends unjust murder could entertain you for so long you P.O.S.


Did you see the movie?


Ogden really needs to change.."Ogden, Untamed"...maybe to "Welcome to Gangland"



Christopher Parrish was a solidly great guy.

The kidnapper deserved what he had.

Radically different scenarios.

Here Jacob... Here's another to delete.

I just screen shot the fact you do anyhow


Officers shoot and end the life of a kidnapper, that i can absolutely agree with given circumstances and the character of the suspect.

The need to Christopher William Parrish... My best friend and roommate in the mix which was wrongfully done and cell phone video shows that... Was unnecessary.

Come on Jacob.. Don't delete everything. My wife knows you...


I was right across the street..
Think 12 shots was enough?!?!

Where's that lovely "sabbatical" commenter on this one, cause you know the ignorance is coming once again.

This is ridiculous...


4TRE..you know what Jack said to Tom..and 12 shots... whatever it takes!!


76 has gotta be tough what with the big scary world changing around you while any use you were is long gone... i wonder if brenda... carson.... cassie.... mary... taylor... or anyone else would make you feel a sense of loss that would actually allow you to relate and stfu...


Ogden..#2 in the state as a dangerous place to live..sure is!


Feel free to move. You seem to not have much positivity to add to this awesome city. So by all means pack your things and bounce. I for one am grateful we live in this city. The police are fast acting and its a good thing.


Don't bother wasting your breath on "Sabbatical", a/k/a Mack Foss. He's had the same tired old routine for years: Ogden is unsafe and dangerous, pit bulls, and telling people they "need to get out more!" Old age and its accompanying mental deterioration have no doubt created his one note samba, and he'll most likely be posting the same garbage on the SE comment boards until the day he dies. He doesn't want to move; he wants to stay in Ogden so he can continue to run down the city because it's the only form of entertainment he has left at his advanced age. 'Nuff said!


F yourself punk.

If someone you knew and loved as wrongfully gunned down then lied about you'd sing a different tune and dont mean this kidnapper.


You know what Jack said to Tom...


so take either your jack to tom robinson BS or pickford to sawyer garbage that makes you feel like some kind of literary guru and go F yourself.

one day you'll lose somebody you lose to something that shouldn't happen or be "justified" & someone will Troll you constantly not giving 1 single F$#@ about the situation you're dealing with that DOESN'T & DIDN'T affect them.

and you'll deserve every minute of that life. or maybe you get off on this so much because you're just thrilled about the fact that after being terrified that death would come for you in your sleep, you were able to wake up once more for another day at throwing away your 1 chance of being a decent person in life.

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