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Ogden Police are investigating an officer involved shooting in downtown Ogden on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. Police shot and killed a suspected kidnapper after he fired on them, according to authorities.

OGDEN — The suspected kidnapper killed Friday night in a confrontation with Ogden police had an extensive criminal background and had come to Weber County, at least in part, to pursue a relationship with a local woman, Ogden Police Chief Randy Watt said Saturday.

Watt, speaking at a press conference, identified the man — killed in a confrontation with police in front of the Ogden Municipal Building at 2549 Washington Blvd. — as Richard Galvan, 37. He had roots in Colorado and Texas.

Police were alerted to Galvan by the Weber County woman he had allegedly held by threat of force for much of Friday. The unidentified woman and Galvan had been driving around when the man unexpectedly exited the vehicle they were traveling in at around 6 p.m. at the Washington Boulevard-28th Street intersection, giving her the opportunity to contact authorities.

An officer, alerted to the situation, identified Galvan soon thereafter and approached him on foot in front of the municipal building, surrounded by the city's annual Christmas Village display. Galvan, seeing the officer, pulled out a .45-caliber gun and started firing, according to Watt. An Ogden police car approached and Galvan fired on the vehicle. A second police vehicle approached via Washington and, in the end, two officers fired on Galvan, hitting him and killing him.

"Several rounds struck (the first patrol car), including one that hit the windshield directly in line with the officer, but the round did not penetrate the windshield," Watt said.

Video from a surveillance camera on a pole at 25th Street and Washington Boulevard, provided by police, shows part of the confrontation. An officer approaches Galvan, and Galvan appears to pull out his gun, as described by Watt, and fire on him. Galvan pivots, seemingly to fire on the first vehicle, then pivots back to the first officer when he is apparently struck by a bullet and falls to the ground.

Galvan and the two officers each fired "several" times, Watt said, though he didn't have a precise count. Galvan died from a bullet wound to the head.

None of the officers sustained any injuries, Watt said, "and we're proud of the courage and dedication they showed in ending this life-threatening situation." Likewise, the woman "was not seriously injured during this ordeal and we're glad she made it through safely."

Though the brightly lit Christmas Village display — clearly evident in the video footage provided by police — draws many visitors in the evening, Watt said few were around when the incident took place, unusual at this time of the year.

After meeting the Weber County woman via social media, Galvan came to Utah in October 2017, according to Watt, though he came and went from the state. Even though he had a criminal background in Texas and Colorado, he didn't fall on Ogden police officials' radar screen during his time here.

The woman had "very recently" tried to break off the relationship with Galvan, according to Watt, precipitating his unexpected appearance at her home Friday morning.

"Yesterday, Nov. 30, she awoke to find him in her home and armed. They spent the greater part of the day in the home, and he then forced her to accompany him from the house and drive him around in her vehicle. He was having mood swings, was at times making suicidal remarks and other times making threatening remarks," Watt said. He unexpectedly exited her car near downtown Ogden, leading to the subsequent confrontation with police.

Story follows below video. Note: Video of confrontation is graphic and should be viewed with caution.

Galvan had served eight years in prison in Colorado for aggravated kidnapping and threatening police officers, Watt said. He had tattoos indicating he was affiliated with the South Side and 18th Street gangs, which have connections nationwide. Furthermore, he was wanted at the time of his death in El Paso County, Texas, and Adams County, Colorado, on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The two officers who fired on Galvan are on paid administrative leave pending an investigation of the matter, per standard procedure. Two cameras placed on poles in the area captured the exchange and the officers involved were wearing body cameras. Authorities haven't released the body-camera footage pending an investigation into the incident.

The Weber County Critical Incident Investigation Team is looking into the matter as part of a review by the Weber County Attorney's Office, Watt said.

Friday’s fatal shooting was the second officer-involved shooting in Ogden in November. On Nov. 9, two officers shot and killed 33-year-old Christopher William Parrish after he allegedly picked up a rock and “rapidly and violently attacked” the two officers.

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I hope the officers get some well needed help because I can't even think what it would be like to be them at a time like this. It sounded like that guy was looking for "suicide by cop" and got what he wanted. It's sad all around because Ogden is such a great place to live and work. Someone in my office said something about it being Ogden and I just glared at them. This is not normal and Ogden is a safe place to live.


You must be a new guy in town!


Great coverage SE..including the video..cameras everywhere in dt Ogden!


Day in, day out..this has got to stop!


It's not going to stop, any more than your incessant whining about how dangerous Ogden is will cease until Digger O'Dell pats you in the face with a shovel. This ain't the 1950's, snowflake, so deal with it. The alleged kidnapper wasn't even from Ogden or even Utah for that matter, but apparently you can't grasp that fact with your limited comprehension.


Do not recall saying about the bad guy...


Can I get an Amen here?!


OB...well spoken, "It's not going to stop", and all Ogden residents are affected and have no choice but to " so deal with it" you spoke.

Best to you and family this holiday season...


Thank you Ogden PD for keeping us safe!


B..OPD is under paid for sure...and keeping us as safe as possible. Well done OPD!

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